How to choose the right carrier for my order?

Entregas por paqueteria

When purchasing your shipping supplies it is important to take into account the carrier options when choosing the carrier that will ship our order. Supplies.Shop has many options, which may vary depending on the shipping destination. These are some of our recommendations.

  • If you live in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, you can choose the option of pick up your purchase directly in our warehouse located in the city of Santa Catarina, NL. This way you will save on shipping costs and you can pick up your order the same day you make your purchase.
  • Choosing FedEx as your carrier is the best option for Urgent, Express or International shipments. Backed with a great reliability, the estimated delivery time is within 3 to 5 business days.
  • Qüiken is an excellent carrier option, they handle the best prices for small and medium products and they have very great service, available only for shipments within Monterrey, NL. and the metropolitan area.
  • Sendex and Redpack have good prices on bulky products. Due to their delay rate, they are not recommended for urgent shipments, status updates usually take a while in case of an extraordinary case in the shipment.
  • Estafeta delivery times are usually longer, but they are safe and compete in price with Sendex and Redpack.

Our last tip is always to plan your purchases, especially in high seasons, where carriers could be affected by the high demand for shipments.